Getting Started

  • To get started on the website you may access the home page at at all times ensure the lock or on google chrome secure green tab is available which indicates all traffic going to and from the website is encrypted.
  • On the home page you may use the search bar at the top left to search for anything of any category you are looking for or you may use the filter search located in the middle of the page to search by category, location, name.
  • On the top right of the page you have the add listing button which you may sign up to add a listing at anytime you may access the tutorial on how to add a listing here.
  • On the home page once you scroll down you will see featured places handpicked by the website administrators.
  • Under the What’s Happening section you can see the top upcoming events near your location in Egypt you may click on each one of them for more information.
  • You will also find a Real Estate section which will include listed properties in your area of course if you use the search filter on the home page and click properties you will find many more options.
  • Below the Real Estate section you will find the Cars section of New and Used cars in nearby locations listed by Parents, Staff, Students and Alumni

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How to Add New Listing?

  1. Go to the Add New Listing Button

2. Now Select the Appropriate Category

3. If you are already logged in or signed in skip to step 4 if you are not continue reading. After choosing your category you will be prompted to sign in or register. If you already have an account click sign in and enter the information when prompt if you do not please register you will be prompt to enter your email address and password.


Enter the Appropriate Tittle this may be the Name of your vehicle, event, restaurant that you are listing. The tagline would be the business catch phrase for example McDonalds is “I’m Lovin it.” Give a Brief Short Description of the listing you may include links if you would like.



Below you should attach the listing image or logo the cover image which is what is displayed in the search results and as soon as you open the listing along with gallery images which are extra image of the listing and for restaurants and cafes they may be of the location and may also include the menu and so on.

6.Contact Information

Contact information is very important so people can contact and reach the restaurant & cafe, event, house tenant, vehicle owner and so on so please ensure you provide accurate information. If the location does not have an email or you can’t seem to find one make sure your put the email as for example CAC is the listing than you put If the location has a phone number insert it in the box preferably the hotline and website if applicable of course.

7. Social Networks

The options to putting social networks is limitless with a list of over 30 different social networks you may add as many as you want using the add button.

8. Work Hours

In the working hours you may set whether the listing has specific hours, open 24hours, closed 24hours, appointment only. For specific hours select Enter Hours click add hours and also select the time zone. You must add hours for each of the 7 days.


Enter the Location or you may click insert coordinate manually to be able to get a precise location.

10. Listing Details

In the listing details section you will be required to put a matching category with your listing and the tags option is optional but it helps people know the amenities for example Free WIfi, Outdoor Seating, AC, etc.

11. Other & Submission

In this section you will be able to set price range which is suggested and this helps people who are deciding to either dine at a luxurious restaurant or a cheap fast food restaurant. You may also add products if store sells products but you must contact an admin to do so. You may also add jobs available from the business or even the choose events section which are events associated with the business.



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